We have observed that most patients postpone or show less interest to carry out a dental procedure due to their phobia of the needle or because of the reckless noise that devices produce in the background. Often we have also encountered patients who aren’t willing to take dental sedatives before a procedure as they fear of the long-term side-effects that they might have to deal with later.

Galan DNTL provides a pain-free solution to dental problems by introducing Solea, an innovative latest laser technology in the field of dentistry. This anesthesia-free laser procedure uses absolutely no needles, drilling, and scalpel. The advanced new laser technology that is sound-proof is suitable for all age types.

The Solea dental laser system provides the patient with an entirely new experience. The new technology has gone a great way in helping patients who are quite anxious to get a procedure done. Due to the absolute comfort that patients experience with Solea, they are more than willing to come for appointments without the need of fearing anything.

What is Solea?

The revolutionary advance in the field of dentistry, Solea, has changed the customary practices of dental science. This technology that uses no needles, drilling, scalpel, and is soundless, is the first laser system that has attained accreditation by the FDA for conducting procedures involving hard and soft tissues of the gum and teeth.

Solea uses laser technology to perform procedures from removing hard cavities to complicated dental surgeries.

What are the procedures that Solea undertake?

The advanced laser technology can perform the following procedures:

  • Dental Restoration such as crowns and bridges.
  • Undergo root canal procedures.
  • Periodontics.
  • Preventive Dentistry.
  • Endodontics.

What are the advantages of Solea?

The advantages of Solea are interesting to know:

  •  As the technology uses a laser, Solea is known to carry out procedures without making it messy. Procedures can be carried in a stain-free manner.
  • Patients can undergo procedures without being administered with anesthesia.
  • This technology allows patients to undergo multiple procedures such as restorations, fillings, cavity removal, and much more in one sitting.
  • Solea is a time-saving phenomenal invention in the field of dental science.
  • As Solea is an anesthesia-free procedure, patients can easily resume their activities after a dental appointment.
  • Solea provides state-of-the-art accuracy in procedures making it a very popular advance in dentistry.
  • As this technology uses no drills, patients experience lesser trauma which is experienced otherwise.
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