Needles and noises can make a trip to the dentist scary for kids. Our new noiseless and virtually painless Solea dental laser lets us tackle most of the hard and soft tissue procedures without anesthesia. That’s bound to put a smile on their face.

Dental fillings are a method to restore the damaged teeth to its normal function and shape. The typical materials that are used for filling include Gold, Porcelain, Tooth-colored filling, and Amalgam. The amalgam can be an alloy of mercury, silver, copper, tin, and zinc.

As Dr. Galan provides you with a filling, the decayed cavity is first removed and cleaned and later the cleaned out cavity is inserted with a filling material. Closing off such spaces will help prevent bacterial accumulation and this would prevent further decay and loss of the tooth.

During your initial visit to Galan DNTL, Dr. Galan will first determine whether a tooth filling is necessary or not. Dr. Galan will undergo an initial cleansing session. This phase will allow the doctors to clean the teeth and have a closer look at your dentition. With the help Solea, our anesthesia-free, and virtually pain-free method of treating patients, patients can now experience a more comfortable session of dental filling at Galan DNTL. This technology also allows us to perform procedures without the need of taking dental X-rays.

Galan DNTL uses Solea

The Dentist San Jose, Dr. Aida Galan, uses an anesthesia-free technique of getting dental procedures done with the help of a new laser technology known as Solea.

The Solea laser is driven by the technology of providing our patients with a comfortable and drill-free experience. Using absolutely no needles and anesthesia, Solea gives patients a unique journey of solving their dental problems in a single visit.

These highlighting features of Solea are what makes it an attractive and friendly tool for doctors:

  • Anesthesia-Free and Virtually Pain-Free procedures at THE SAME AFFORDABLE PRICE
  • No drills.
  • No needles.
  • No jarring noises
  • Multiple Procedures Done in One Appointment.

What type of filling is best suited for you?

The following will help you understand what type of filling is best suited for you:

Gold filling: Gums are better accustomed to Gold fillings. They are ordered in labs and cemented into place. Gold fillings would last for about 20 years. Though they are expensive, it is the much- opted filling technique used as they will be worth the money.

Amalgam (silver) filling: Being comparatively inexpensive, these amalgam silver fillings are resistant to wear and tear. As their color is noticeable as compared to porcelain and composite restorations, these fillings aren’t recommended in the visible area, such as front teeth.

Composite (plastic) resins filling: Composite fillings are made in order to match the same color as our teeth. These fillings are placed directly into the cavity where they are hardened. They can last as many as three to ten years.

Porcelain fillings: Porcelain fillings are called inlays or onlays. They are bonded directly to the teeth. These fillings can be exactly matched to the color of the tooth and are stain-resistant. These fillings generally cover that of the entire teeth and their cost is similar to that of gold

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