Our practice is committed to using the latest in proven technology so that we can provide exceptional dental care safely. For this reason, Dr. Galan uses the DEXIS CariVu® caries detection device to conduct comprehensive dental examinations. This device is ADA approved to be a safe alternative to traditional full-mouth X-rays, capturing high-quality intra-oral images using transillumination. Our dentist can use the CariVu to check for decay in situations where just a single tooth is suspected to have a cavity.

The primary benefits of cavity detection with the DEXIS CariVu® for patients include:

  • Reduced exposure to radiation.
  • A more comfortable imaging procedure.
  • Shorter appointment length.
  • Less waiting time.
  • Greater patient involvement.
  • A better understanding of treatment.
  • Uses transillumination technology that makes the enamel appear transparent while porous lesions trap and absorb light.
  • It allows the clinician to see through the tooth, exposing its structure and the actual structure of any carious lesions.
  • CariVu images read like familiar X-ray images.
  • Uses non-ionizing radiation which is ideal for children, pregnant women, and patients who are X-ray averse.

Both the DEXIS sensor and software have been highly awarded for the way they make cavity detection an efficient, safe process for patients and dentists alike. If you would like to know more about identifying dental decay using digital imaging and transillumination, visit the DEXIS website and schedule a consultation with Dr. Aida Galan today!

Reach out to us by calling (408) 377-8200 or by scheduling an online appointment, and we’ll be happy to guide you further.