Dentures are the best restorative option for patients who prefer to avoid major surgical procedures. It is a prosthetic dental device fabricated of an acrylic base and artificial teeth. Caring for dentures helps keep them in shape and offers long-term benefits to the patients.

Before customizing the denture for the patient, the dentists provide detailed information on dentures to patients. The five most essential facts have been listed below.

Clean them as instructed

It is crucial to clean the dentures regularly. The dentists provide detailed care instructions to the patients during the consultation appointment. A soft-bristled toothbrush is provided to the patient, which should be used to clean the dentures. Regular toothpaste should not be used to clean them. After each meal, it is important to rinse the dentures under water to wash out the food particles.

Practice eating and talking with dentures

Initially, the patient may experience discomfort while wearing the dentures. They need to get used to talking and eating while wearing dentures. The dentists provide instructions that help the patient ease the process.

Remove them when not in use

The dentist advises the patient to remove the dentures when not in use. It should be placed in the cleansing solution prescribed by the dentist or in a glass of water. It helps avoid numbness in gum, shrinking gums and foul breath in patients.

Regular dental appointments are important

The patient should visit the dental practice as instructed by the dentist san jose. As the mouth adjusts to the dentures, it is possible to become loose in the mouth. The patient requires a regular relining procedure which is performed during dental appointments. It is a quick and easy procedure that fits teh dentures perfectly in the mouth without any discomfort.

Avoid self-repairing dentures

If the dentures accidentally fall off on a hard surface, there are chances that they may get damaged, the patient should avoid repairing it themselves. The denture should be taken to the dentist for repairs.


Dentures are an excellent restoration option for patients considering the advantages it has over other restorative dental procedures.

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