Modern Dentistry has seen a paradigm shift in the way oral health is perceived in the current times. Simply put, modern dentistry is the meeting point between science, technology, and the art form that is the dental profession. It involves medical science and medical procedures borne in new-age technologies enabling dentists to not just treat dental concerns but also prevent the onset of perilous oral conditions.

How dentistry has changed in the last century

Unlike the late 1900s, dentistry of the present has grown leaps and bounds. Today, modern dental practices have grown to offer routine and comprehensive dental procedures with the help of technology that aids in maintaining dental hygiene, detects cavities, treats diseased teeth and gums, and offers various advanced oral care services.

Here are a few ways modern dentistry has changed the dentist game

Modern dentistry has reached a whole new level. Here are a few methods that have arisen in recent years:

Digital X-Rays: X-rays have been a godsend to the medical and dental profession. Digital X-ray is a step further. With digital X-rays, dentists get an accurate look at your teeth and gums, which helps in devising an accurate treatment plan.

Computer-guided Surgery: With technology, there’s no need for the all-hands-on-deck approach to surgery, at least not completely. These days dental procedures are done by charing out a 3D plan of treatment, which allows Dentist San Jose to take on surgical procedures and execute them with precision and accuracy.

Digital Anesthesia: The main problem with anesthesia was that people would often struggle to talk or eat hours after a dose. However, as technology has arrived, dentists have found digital anesthesia to ensure the discomfort levels are at a minimum.

Intraoral Scanner: As the name suggests, the scanner takes 3D pictures of a patient’s teeth and mouth, allowing dentists to determine the current situation of your teeth and offer treatment based on them, meaning you don’t need to bite into impression paste anymore.

To sum it up, modern dentistry has taken the profession light years ahead with its rapid procurement and use of new-age procedures and digital technologies. This has led to increased efficiency levels and, in effect, an increase in happy customers.

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