Since childhood, you are taught the benefits of brushing your teeth, different methods of brushing our teeth. Dentist san jose, Dr. Aida Galan from Galan DNTL, San Jose, California, keeps her patients informed and answers all their queries about the benefits of oral hygiene in detail.

In this article, we have explored the frequency and importance of brushing your teeth.

How Many Times Should You Brush Your Teeth?

According to the American Dental Association, brushing your teeth with soft bristles at least twice a day is beneficial for better oral health. Besides brushing your teeth, it is also recommended to floss your teeth once a day.

Flossing helps to remove the food particles stuck between your teeth. Skipping this step can increase the risk of bacterial growth between your teeth, thus affecting your dental health.

Benefits of Brushing Twice a Day

There are many benefits of brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. The benefits include:

  • Increases Saliva Production: Saliva acts as a barrier between teeth and bacteria. While sleeping you tend to produce less saliva. Brushing your teeth before going to sleep protects your teeth from bacterial damage due to less saliva production.
  • Prevents Bacterial Growth:Bacteria tends to multiply within a short period and cause enamel damage. Brushing your teeth reduces the production of bacteria in the mouth, thus making your oral health better.
  • Controls Tartar Formation:Not brushing your teeth every day leads to the formation of tartar. People who smoke are at more risk of tartar formation. It causes bleeding gums, gums infection, damaging your oral health.
  • Protects Gums:Brushing teeth twice a day keeps your gums protected from plaque and bacteria, thus making your smile clean and perfect.

Mistakes to Avoid While Brushing Your Teeth

  • Using an Old Toothbrush:According to the American Dental Association, it is advisable to change your toothbrush after 3-4 months. Using an old toothbrush does not help you clean your teeth properly.
  • Using the Wrong Toothbrush:While choosing a toothbrush people are in a dilemma whether to opt for an electric or manual toothbrush. Whatever type of toothbrush you use, make sure to keep it clean and away from other people’s brushes.
  • Brush Timings:On average, instead of 2 minutes, as recommended by the American Dental Association, people just spend 45 seconds brushing their teeth.

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