Snoring is one of the most common oral conditions, and quite frankly, it is most often ignored. A whopping 80 million Americans are known to suffer from snoring and closely-related conditions, which is a considerable number. It not only disturbs your bedmate but also poses a few disadvantages to yourself, such as lack of sound sleep, inability to explore the deep stages of sleep, sore throat, persistent headaches, etc.

Do you snore?

The basic challenge is identifying whether or not you snore when you sleep. Since you would be in a state of unconsciousness, chances are you wouldn’t know if you snore or not. However, your bedmate certainly would, which is why you can check with them as to how loud or frequently you snore. Other ways of spotting this are if you frequently experience a sore throat, persistent headaches, especially in the morning, tiredness and fatigue, etc.

Cause Behind Snoring

Snoring is caused due to the vibrations in the throat while inhaling and exhaling. The muscles of the body relax when we sleep, which could shrink the opening to the throat. This leaves a smaller gap for the movement of air, due to which the intensity of vibrations would increase and lead to loud snoring. Some of the other factors influencing snoring are obesity, uncomfortable sleeping positions, consumption of alcohol, smoking, etc.

How can snoring be treated?

One of the most effective ways to treat snoring is through the use of a mandibular advancement device (MAD). It is a simple mouthguard-like appliance that has to be worn by the patient before going to sleep. It brings the lower jaw forward, which widens the opening to the airway and enables smooth flow of air while inhaling and exhaling.

The description of the device may raise doubts about its comfort and usage. But, be rest assured, as it is highly comfortable, and you wouldn’t even feel its presence in your mouth. It takes just a few days for you to get used to, after which it becomes a part of your routine. With the device in place, you can have a quiet night’s sleep, and so can your bedmate.


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