Keeping your teeth and gums clean is essential in preventing oral health issues. And since brushing and flossing can’t always cut it, at Galan DNTL in San Jose, California, we provide oral cleansings and examinations to keep your dental health in tip-top condition.

Extensive dental examinations and cleanings provided by Dr. Aida Galan, DMD, twice a year are a surefire way to avoid developing major oral health problems in the future. Book an appointment at our facility today if you haven’t had a dental checkup in more than six months.

Benefits of Oral Examinations

Even if you have no obvious dental problems, regular oral examinations will ensure no underlying oral issues that can lead to complex and costly dental treatments are present. Extensive exams will help Dr. Galan spot symptoms of dental health problems like gum diseases, tooth decay, and cavities, especially for children under six and elders, who are more prone to dental issues.

During a dental checkup at Galan DNTL in San Jose, California, Dr. Galan, dentist san jose will look for plaque and tartar buildup in the teeth and gumline. We will also check for signs of decay or cavities in the teeth. Dental X-rays might be recommended to ensure the proper development of the teeth and jawbone.

Oral checkups also help identify possible signs of oral cancer like swelling, redness, etc.

Benefits of Oral Cleansings

  • Although you may have an excellent oral hygiene routine, getting to every part of your mouth is quite a challenging task. A professional cleaning at Galan DNTL will help clean every nook and corner of your mouth.
  • By scraping and scaling your teeth, Dr. Galan can thoroughly remove all the built-up tartar and plaque. During this procedure, the bacteria in the mouth causing bad breath are also removed.
  • The polishing procedure, part of dental cleanings, removes surface stains and makes your teeth brighter. After polishing, professional flossing will help remove all the debris from hard-to-reach places in the mouth.
  • Routine dental cleanings are proven to prevent tooth cavities, decay, and gum diseases. Preventing gum diseases is perhaps the most important as, when they progress, they can even lead to tooth loss.

Your oral health influences your overall health significantly; any slight dental issue can become a health problem down the road if not treated in time. So, give your dental health its due importance and book your appointment at Galan DNTL. Call Dentist in San Jose, CA at our San Jose office phone number (408) 377-8200 or email us at for a consultation today!

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