If you’ve seen the results of orthodontic braces or Clear Aligners, you probably have understood that straightening your teeth will give you a beautiful smile. Yet, beyond the cosmetic benefits, do straight teeth matter? Absolutely, yes! Having a set of straight teeth helps achieve optimum oral and dental health, improve self-confidence, help succeed in our career and life, and contribute to overall health.

Get a Straight Smile More Conveniently and Affordably with Candid Pro Aligners

Having learned about the life-changing benefits of having straight teeth, do you wonder how to achieve them? Clear aligners offer a convenient way to straighten one’s smile without worrying about having visible metal brackets and wires while being virtually invisible when in the mouth.

To make the Clear aligner treatment more convenient, Galan Dental has partnered with Candid Pro, which helps our patients achieve a straight smile in six months with very few dental visits.

How Does Candid Pro Aligners Work?

After the initial consultation at the Galan Dental office and treatment planning, the patient can undergo orthodontic work from the comfort of their own home.

The steps involved in the treatment are as follows:

Dental visit: As the first step, the patient visits the CandidPro doctor for a complete dental analysis to determine their candidacy for the treatment and discuss their requirements. The doctor obtains scans, x-rays, and photos of the patient and submits them to the Candid Pro for treatment planning.

Treatment planning: At the Candid Pro office, the advanced computer will evaluate the patient’s scans and x-rays and assess the accurate tooth movements required to achieve a straight smile. Those movements are broken up into a series of steps, and clear plastic aligners are fabricated to achieve these steps.

Aligners are sent to the patient: The Candid Pro aligners and the full set of CandidMonitoring™ materials are then sent to the patient.

CandidMonitoring™ check-ins: The patients are required to wear each aligner for a minimum of 22 hours a day for two weeks. They can check in with the CandidMonitoring ™ tool, an attachment for the cell phone, and send the images of their teeth to our CandidPro doctor every 14 days. Our Candid Pro dental experts evaluate the progress of the treatment and, as per this, recommend that you move on to your next aligner or not. When the patient has worn all the sets of aligners, the patient gets a straight, aligned smile.

Do you wish to know more about Candid Pro Clear Aligners? Schedule a consultation with Dentist in San Jose, CA, Galan Dental Candid Pro doctor by calling at 408.377.8200.

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