COVID-19 has had a massive negative effect on the United States, leaving millions infected. In such a scenario, leaving our homes and stepping out could put us at risk of getting infected, which is why staying indoors is the best way to keep clear. To make sure our patients remain safe while being able to get the required dental care, we would like to introduce to you Teledentistry.

What is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry or telehealth is an online consultation between the dentist and the patient over a call or a video conference. It is a safe and secure method of e-meeting the dentist for your biannual consultation or if you have any emergency dental concerns. It is especially helpful in these difficult times of COVID-19, as both the patient and dentist can connect remotely, which eliminates all chances of contracting the virus from each other.

What are the advantages of virtual dentistry?

  • The session of telecommunication between the patient and the dentist helps to address any oral concerns that the patient has. The Dentist San Jose will suggest suitable treatment in the form of medication which you can purchase from your local pharmacy, or invite you for a physical treatment session in case the condition is severe.
  • During the virtual dental consultation, the patient and dentist do not come in contact at all. This ensures their safety from the spread of pathogens.
  • In case of dental emergencies, the dentist can visually examine you on video conference and suggest treatment at the earliest. This eliminates any delay in getting the necessary first aid.
  • The session will be conducted over a trusted and secure platform to ensure doctor-patient confidentiality.
  • Teledentistry consultations usually cost less than an actual in-house consultation. In a nutshell, it is both safe and easy on the pockets.

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