Orthodontics is a dental specialty that deals with the alignment of teeth. It is a science of dentistry that focuses on improving the alignment of teeth and facial structures. Orthodontic care aims at correcting the alignment of teeth, bites, and jaw joints. It also helps improve the aesthetics of a person’s smile. Orthodontic treatments help people with an imperfect smile get a better one.

During the late nineteenth century, metal braces were used to treat misaligned teeth. However, they were uncomfortable to wear as they caused cuts to the gums and the skin around the mouth. Hence, modern-day braces were invented to help people have straighter teeth without causing them much discomfort. Today, braces are available in many different forms, and they are designed in such a way that they are comfortable to wear and easy to remove or put on.

What are clear aligners? 

Clear aligners are a type of orthodontic appliance that is made from dental-grade plastic material. These aligners are removable but can be used to straighten your teeth in a faster way than traditional braces. They are specially designed to move your teeth in a specific direction so that you can have a better smile than before you got them.

The most significant advantage of choosing clear aligners over braces is that they give you the advantage of having straighter teeth without anyone knowing about them. The best feature about clear aligners is that they are removable and can be taken off when you want to go swimming or play sports after removing their attachments.

How do clear aligners work? 

Clear aligners work in three different ways:

  • Moving your teeth from their current position to a new one by gradually applying pressure to them.
  • Reducing pressure on the tooth roots by loosening them up from their current position and moving them into their new position.
  • Moving your upper jaw forward so that it matches the lower jaw’s new position, thereby creating a better bite and avoiding future dental issues such as headaches, jaw pain, and fatigue in the future.

What Are the Benefits of Clear Aligners?

The main benefit of clear aligners is that they provide an alternative to traditional dental braces that do not compromise on dental treatment results. The clear aligners are discreet, making it easier for you to show off your smile even during treatment. Compared to traditional braces, these aligners are relatively less painful and cause less inconvenience when you eat and speak. You can take them off when you eat or brush your teeth and put them on again immediately after.

What is the procedure for getting clear aligners? 

When you visit our dental practice for your initial consultation, our Dentist San Jose will check your dental condition by conducting an overall assessment of your oral cavity and taking x-rays so that he can analyze your teeth’ current alignment, bite, and available space between them. We will create a customized treatment plan based on your needs after taking all these factors into consideration.

Book an appointment with the Dentist in San Jose, CA, Galan DNTL,  and we shall guide you further on orthodontic treatment options.