ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can be quite tricky to spot. It usually affects the child’s ability to concentrate, learn, or develop relationships with people around them. Since the symptoms are not easily recognizable, it would be advisable to get professional help at the earliest to help evaluate your child’s condition.

Here are some prominent signs of ADHD that can be seen in children:


Patients with ADHD tend to lack patience, especially when they’re kept waiting. For instance, they may not recognize the need to wait for their turn while having a conversation and may end up frequently interrupting others, which may turn out awkward.


Patients may barely understand the need of others. Instead, they tend to prioritize themselves, which could be viewed as self-focusing behavior.


Holding back emotions could be difficult for patients with ADHD. They may end up breaking down or showing sudden outbursts of anger despite being amidst several people. Temper tantrums could also be a prominent sign.


Staying calm and composed is quite difficult for children with ADHD. They often tend to fidget with their hands or objects around them, get up and run around, throw things around, or even shout at times. Even the simplest of activities may seem stressful for them, which can upset their calm.

Trouble focusing

This is a major concern among children with ADHD. They have a really tough time concentrating, especially in school. Even when you say something to them, they may seem to be listening to you. But, their mind could have wandered off without their own knowledge.

Lack of interest

While children with ADHD actually show interest in a lot of activities, they often end up losing interest halfway. Most things around them don’t keep them engaged long enough, due to which they could lag behind on homework, school projects, household chores, etc. They often skip to something different that catches their attention, leaving behind what they were doing.


Daydreaming and getting lost in thought is a common symptom of patients with ADHD. They could be completely unaware of what is happening around them.

Poor memory

Remembering details, especially concerning their academics, could be difficult for children with ADHD. They tend to misplace things often, forget to complete their homework, etc.

ADHD is treatable. It is best if you get in touch with Dentist in San Jose, CA at the earliest, and we would suggest the best option to treat it after conducting a thorough diagnosis. Call us (408) 377-8200 today!

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