Teeth whitening is a quick and affordable treatment to reduce teeth discoloration and add some sparkle to your smile. However, it is not a permanent remedy for teeth discoloration but brings a substantial instant enhancement in the brightness of your teeth. This cosmetic dental treatment requires optimum maintenance for long-lasting results.

What are the most common causes of tooth discoloration?

There may be various reasons for teeth discoloration, like:

  • Consuming tea, coffee, wine, apples, and potatoes
  • Smoking and tobacco chewing
  • The age factor
  • Improper or irregular brushing, flossing, plaque removal, and poor dental hygiene
  • Excessive use of fluoride applications and supplements, rinses, toothpaste

What are the teeth whitening options available?

Today there are a variety of whitening treatments available to suit your pocket, time, and personality. The best teeth whitening options depend on the hydrogen peroxide concentrations and the duration of application.

  • In-office whitening

In-office whitening brings dramatic results in a shorter span of time. In this procedure, the dentist first covers the gums with a rubber shield or a protective gel and then applies highly concentrated peroxide gel to the teeth. This acts as a bleaching agent, resulting in whiter teeth. For more profound staining, the dentist may recommend multiple whitening sessions.

  • Professional customized take-home kits

The professional take-home teeth whitening kits include low concentrated peroxide gel, which is completely safe for home treatments. This low percentage peroxide gel can be retained on the teeth for about an hour or more. It is applied to the teeth with the help of customized bleaching trays.

Take-home whitening kits come with customized plastic trays and are considered the best for use from the comfort of your home. This procedure of teeth whitening usually takes a few days to a few weeks to achieve the desired results.

  • Laser whitening

The laser whitening procedure is best suited for individuals with busy schedules. It is an entirely in-office whitening procedure where the Dentist San Jose applies a protective layer on your gums and then the whitening gel to the teeth. The laser activates the whitening gel, thereby removing the stains and discoloration. This procedure is repeated 3 to 4 times till the desired shade is achieved, which also depends on the severity of discoloration.

How long will the teeth stay white?

The effects of teeth whitening last up to 3 years, varying from person to person. However, it is less likely to last in the case of smoking and drinking habits that cause teeth staining. Teeth whitening results are not permanent. To maintain a million-dollar smile, you must maintain dental hygiene, avoid unhealthy oral habits, and follow proper aftercare as suggested by your dentist.

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